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Feel confident to use our financing offers to purchase a new car when you don’t have the total amount.

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Finance leasing explained

Finance lease is a form of lease which allows you to finance the purchase of the leased asset.

It initially only involves the payment of a part of the value of the asset, also called down payment. Once the finance lease has been granted, you will receive the asset in your possession and use for an agreed timeframe, during which you will pay the leasing rates.

After the end of the agreed period and payment in full of the leasing installments, you will also acquire the right of ownership over that asset.

The benefits

of the Finance Lease from Lider Leasing

  • You will get the car or any other desired asset by paying only a down payment, which on average is not less than 30% of the price of that asset.
  • Unlike credit, the finance leasing offered by Lider Leasing is not conditioned on an asset or property being offered as collateral. The financed asset serves as the main guarantee when offering the lease, therefore no additional guarantees are required.
  • We will request less documents, as compared to the cases when you apply for a credit loan at the bank.

Steps for granting loans


Fill out the lease application


Submit the required


Approval and signing
of the contracts


Buying the asset from
the seller and registering it


Passing the possession
of the asset


Paying the installments


After full payment of the lease, the necessary documents will be prepared, so that to transfer the ownership of the asset to you.


required for the initial stage

  • Finance/lease application
  • The ID and the attachment to it for the applicant and the guarantor (if requested)
  • Certificate of employment from the full time job of the applicant stating the position held and the net monthly salary for the last 6 months or proof of income (lease agreements, card statements, proof of money transfers).
  • Finance/lease application
  • Incorporation documents and the registered changes that were made (Charter of the company with any amendments or modifications, Certificate of Incorporation, Tax registration)
  • The extract from the State Register of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs
  • The copies of the ID and the attachment to it for the administrator, the associates and the person authorized to sign the agreement.